Air plasma cutting machine 200A/400A
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air plasma cutting machine 200A 400A

1. High frequency drawing arc, strike arc easily.

2. Soft switch conversion, high efficiency.

3. Digital display, precise presetting of cutting current.

4. Time delay function can protect cutting torch.

5. Self-lock/non-self-lock cutting function can match auto cutting.

6. With CNC interface.

model LG-200 LG-400
voltage: 3-380V or 415V1
rated capacity 38KVA 100KVA
current range 30-200A 30-400A
duty cycle 100% 60%
max. cutting thickness 65mm 100mm
optimal cutting thickness 1-45mm 1-80mm
CNC cutting thickness less than 28mm less than 45mm
air pressure 0.4-0.6Mpa 0.5-0.6Mpa
size(mm) 745x368x920 760x530x1050
weight(kg) 75 150
cooling way water cooling water cooling


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