Inverter MIG/ARC welding machine NB-200X/270X
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P/No. : 201312513534
Model : NB-200X

MIG/ARC welding machine details:

1. current control, stable performance

2. integral design, built-in wire feeder, easy operation.

3. unique appearance design, large steel cylinder can be placed on the rear bracket, move fast.

4. electron resistance control, stable welding process, small splash, deep melt pool, good appearance.

5. digital display gauge head, accurate presetting of welding current and voltage

6. striking arc easily with slow wire-feeding, melt ball function ensures success rate.

7. small volume, light weight, simple and convenient operation, economical and practical.

model NB-200 NB-270
voltage 1-220V 50/60Hz 3-380V 50/60Hz
rated capacity 6.4KVA 9.2KVA
current range 50-200A 50-270A
duty cycle 60% 60%
size 500x263x430mm 510x273x440mm
weight 40kg 45kg
wire feeder 76ZY01/DC24V 76ZY01/DC24V
gas flow device CLT-25/AC36V CLT-25/AC36V
welding torch 15AK 24AK


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