MIG welding machin MIG-500C
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P/No. : 2013125134920
Model : MIG-500C

MIG welding machine

1. Adopt the waveform control techology to improve shaping and reduce spatter

2. Digital display meter, accurate presetting of welding current and voltage

3. High duty cycle and available to carry out continuous welding for long time.

4. Striking arc easily with slow wire-feeding, melt ball function ensures success rate.

5. Function of removing melt ball.

6. High frequency inversion, small volume, light weight, saving energy .

7.With manual welding cunction.

model MIG-350C MIG-500C
voltage 3-380V 50/60Hz  
rated capacity 14.4KVA 25KVA
current range 60-350A 60-500A
duty cycle 60% 60%
size 576x297x574mm 576x297x574mm
weight 38kg 40kg
wire feeder SB-10 SB-10
wire feeder weight 12kg 12kg
regulator CLT-25/AC36V CLT-25/AC36V
welding gun QTB-350K QTB-500K


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