Water Chiller
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P/No. : 201337102828
Model : CT-10

Water Chiller

1. Economic and practical water chiller and light weight, small size, easy to move.

2. Water storage tank adop high-temperature materials, the overallshape, to avoid leaking.

3. Adopting the copper valve pressure water pump to avoid the waer scale after a logn time use.

4. Can learnthe water level by check the transparent water level windows,

5. Water-filling is convenient as the water opening is lean frward.

6.The unique air tunnel heating dissipation design, so it canincrease the cooling ability.

 Model  CT-10  CT-20
 Input voltage AC 220V   AC 220V
 Rated power  135W  185W
 Rated flow rate  8L/min  10L/min
 Rated capacity  10L  20L 
 Rated lift  8M  10M
 Size  57x33x39cm  40x54x47cm
 Weight  20kg  25kg


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