welding flux dry oven
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P/No. : 20133192019
Model : YJJ-A-100

Welding flux dry oven

1. Automatic suction and have dust partcle removal mechanism.

2. The inner tank is made of stainless steel avoiding corrosion caused by long time use.

3. With functions of tempeature setting and masurement, automatic temperature control alarm and etc.

4. The dry condition of welding flux can be grasped at any time through transparent window.


 Model  YJJ-A-100  YJJ-A-200  YJJ-A-300  YJJ-A-500
 Input voltage

 3-380V 50Hz

 Flux capacity  100kg  200kg  300kg  500kg
 Max. working temp.


 Temp. rising speed


 Suction speed  180kg/H  180kg/H 180kg/H   180kg/H
 Holding time  0-10H  0-10H 0-10H   0-10H


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