water cooler
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P/No. : 201331964
Model : LX-20

Welding water cooler

1. Using stainless steel material for water tank, never rusty.

2. Adopt copper valve pressure boost water pump, avoiding the failure caused by blockage of water.

3. High-precision electronic devices is used, dislaying water temperature, water level and grasping temperature and volume of circulating water in time.

4. With the function o alarm for water shortage and water fullness.

5. LX-60 can be prvided for two independent equipment for cooling.


 Model  LX-20  LX-60
 Input voltage

 AC 220V 50/60HZ (AC 380V according request)

 Rated power      185W  370W
 Rated water capacity      20L  60L
 Rated lift  10M  10M
 Rated flow rate  10L/min.  10L/min.
 Size:  60x36x66cm  73x52x73cm
 Weight  30kg  55kg


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