Gantry CNC cutting machine
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P/No. : 201323153145
Model : CNC-4000

Gantry CNC cutting machine

1. Gntry structure, good stability and durability.

2. Adopted panasonic high-precision AC servo motor, high-precision running more smoothly reducer.

3. With Automatic ignition and automatic height adjusting function.

4. 15" liquid crystal display, Chinese/ English operation menu.

5. CNC system with big store capacity, freely save program.

6. With USB interface to supportint flashdisk file to transer.

7. Remote control network interface, support for remote fault diagnosis., remote upgrade.

8. Plasma power can be supplied in according request.

 Model CNC-3000  CNC-4000  CNC-6000  CNC-8000 
 Track width  3000mm      4000mm  6000mm 8000mm     
 Track length  2m x 6  2m x 6  2m x 6  2m x 6
 Effective cut width  2200mm 3200mm  5200mm  7000mm 
 Cutting speed



 Flame cutting thickness  6-100mm  6-120mm  6-120mm  6-200mm
 Cutting gas

oxy + acetylene or propane 

 Cutting precision



 380V/ 50/60Hz




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