CNC cutting machine
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P/No. : 201323152522
Model : CNC series

Portable CNC cutting machine

1. Stable performance, reliable and durable.

2. Small volume, ligt weight, easy to move, no occupying fixed site.

3. Preset graphics database, can store over 1000pcs cutting program files.

4. High configuration, the main parts adopt renowned enterprises at home and abroad.

5. Reserve plasma cutting interface, easy for connecting plasma power.

6. Plasma arc voltage adjuster and anti-collision device are optional.


 Model  ZNC-1000x1500  ZNC-1250x2500  ZNC-1500X3000

1-220V or 240V 

 Effective cut width 1000mm 1250mm  1500mm 
 Effective cut length 1500mm  2500mm  3000mm 
 Track length  2000mm 3000mm  3500mm 
 Cutting speed


 Flame cutting thickness


 Cutting gas

 oxy + acetylene or propane


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