Spot welding machine
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P/No. : 201323151442
Model : DTN-75

Spot welding machine

1. Using micro-computer control, liquid crystal display control the functions of spot welding machine including time, current, pulse circulating welding and etc.

2. With direct pressure pessurized structure and fast movement of gas cylinder, improve the speed of spot welding.

3. With the function of pressurization speed adjustment, ease the impact on workpiece during pressurization.

4. Water cooling is used for te complete machine, to improve duty cycle.

5. SCR components are used in main circuits, featuring strong reliability and stability.

 Model  DTN-35  DTN-63 DTN-75 
 Input voltage/frequency


 Rated input capacity  35KVA  63KVA  75KVA
 Rated duty cycle


 Arm length  450mm  500mm  500mm
 Electrode stroke  75  80  80
 Plate thickness  max. 3+3 mm  max. 3.5+3.5 mm  max. 4+4 mm
 Welding rod diameter  max. 5+5 mm  max. 6+6 mm  max. 7+7mm
 Weight  220kg  300kg  320kg


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