Cutting circle machne
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P/No. : 20132217744
Model : CG2-1000A

CG2-1000A cutting circle machine with large cutting size

1. Adopt SCR control speed adjustment, mechanical polarization variable speed, steday speed.

2. dopt rotating gas distributor, hose is not winding during operation.

3. Double cuttig torch, cu flange inside and outside circle, it can be completed one time, which can improve efficiency.

4. Input voltage: AC220V/50/60Hz

5. Cutting thickness: standard: 5-50mm ( different cutting nozzle meet thicker, such as: 100mm )

6. Cutting diameter: OD:200-1000mm, ID:100-500mm

7. Cutting torch speed: 0.2-6 rpm

8. Weight: 55kg



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