Welding positioner
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P/No. : 201322154337
Model : S-60

Portable Special welding positioner Max. Load 60kg 

1. DC servo motors, steady rotation speed and strong ability to resist hig-frequency interference.

2. Quick assembling and disassembling of round workpiece with three-jaw chuck max. 160 diameter.

3. Rotary disc can be adjusted within the scope of 0-90degree.

4. With torch holder is available to fix TIG welding gun or MIG welding gun.

5. Steady control circuit is equipped wthelectronic brake system, with foot switch, operation is mre convenient.

6. Adjustable electronic time controller, can carry out fully automatic welding such as itrmittent welding, timing welding, time-delay welding and so on.


 Model S-60 
 Input voltage  AC 220V 50/60Hz
 Rated power 50W 
 Speed scope 0-12.5rpm 
 Disk diameter 300mm 
 Max. load 60kg 
 90degree load 30kg 


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