PULSE IGBT MIG welding machine MIG-500P
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P/No. : 2013129214339
Model : MIG-500P

IGBT inverter double pulse MIG/MAG/CO2 welding machine with multi-function.

1. Easy operation, unitary adjustment model, learn quickly.

2. Builtin data source, automatic and intelligent parameters can be set.

3. Store 100sets customerized welding parameters.

4. Digital wire-feed controlling system can make the aluminum wire feed steady.

5. Design for welding aluminum plate, strike and draw arc easily, no crater defect.

6. No spatter, good welding performance.

7. With protect function for over-current, over-voltage, over-heating, wire-blocking and starting machine.

8. With constant voltage MIG welding, double pulse MIG welding, MMA welding, carbon arc air gouging etc. function.


Model MIG-500P
 Input voltage/ frequency 3-3800V/ 50/60Hz
 Rated input capacity      25KVA
 Out current range      60-500A
 Duty cycle 60% 
 Size 106x87x154cm 
 Weight  70kg
 Wire feeder CS-501-1
 Gas flow device  CLT-25/AC36V
 Welding gun MB501D 
 Cooling type air cooling


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