MIG/MMA welding machine
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P/No. : 2013129211714
Model : MIG-500X

IGBT invertor MIG/MAG/CO2/DC MMA welding machine with external wire feeder.

1. With dropping characteristic, have the function of DC MMA and carbon arc-air gouging.(MIG-500X/630X)

2. Adopt the waveform control technology to improve shaping andreduce spatter.

3. Digital display gauge head, accurate presetting of welding current and voltage.

4. High duty cycle, long time welding.

5. Slow feeding wire striking arc, high successful rate.

6. With melt ball function when pause stop.

7. Soft switch technology, high efficience.

8. High frequency inversion, small volume, light weight, save energy.

9. Suitable for solid core/flux core wire.


Model MIG-350X MIG-500X MIG-630X
 Input voltage/ frequency

3-3800V/ 50/60Hz

 Rated input capacity     14.4KVA  25KVA 36KVA
 Out current range     60-350A  60-500A 60-630A
 Duty cycle 60% 60%  100%
 Size 67X34X68cm 67x34x68cm  76x37x70cm
 Weight 40kg 50kg 60kg
 Wire feeder SB-10 SB-10 SB-10/two driver
 Gas flow device CLT-25/AC36V  CLT-25/AC36V CLT-25/AC36V
 Welding gun QTB-350K  QTB-350K  QTB-600K


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