MIG welding machine ZKR-350/500
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P/No. : 2013129201630
Model : ZKR series

SCR MIG/MAG/CO2 welding machine with external wire feeder.

1.Non-remote cable design, reduce welding wire break, increase mobility.

2. Welding wire dimaeter 0.8-1.6mm, solid-core wire/flux-core wire and selection drawing arc function.

3. Adjust voltage and current separately, centralized regulation and switch function.

4. Adopt unique trigger IC, improve forming, reduce spatter.


Model ZKR-350 ZKR-500
 Input voltage/ frequency

 3-3800V/ 50/60Hz

 Rated input capacity      18.1KVA 31.9KVA
 Out current range      50-350A 80-500A
 Duty cycle 60%  60%
 Size 72x38x78cm  75x45x82cm
 Weight  145kg 190kg
 Wire feeder SB-10 SB-10
 Gas flow device  CLT-25/AC36V CLT-25/AC36V
 Welding gun  QTB-350K  QTB-500K


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