MIG welding machine ZKH-630
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P/No. : 201312920411
Model : ZKH-630

SCR MIG/MAG/CO2/MMA welding machine, external wire feeder

1. Four functions: CO2/MAG/DC MMA/Carbon arc gouging.

2. Optional welding wire diameter from 0.8mm to 1.6mm, switch solid wire and flux-core wire, drawing arc selection.

3. Adjsut welding current and voltage separately, centralized regulation and conversion function.

4. High duty cycle enable welding with heavy curren, welding of thick wire wth high speed.


Model ZKH-630
 Input voltage/ frequency  3-3800V/ 50/60Hz
 Rated input capacity      46KVA
 Out current range      100-630A
 Duty cycle 60% 
 Size 79x48x86cm 
 Weight  255kg
 Wire feeder SB-10
 Gas flow device  CLT-25/AC36V
 Welding gun  QTB-630K



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