Outside fixed pipe cutting/bevelling machine
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P/No. : 201312717543
Model : ISD-300

Outside fixed electric pipe cutting and bevellig machine

1. Adopt high performance electric drive featuring strong force and steady rotation.

2. Split frame with low clearance, installed at any space on the pipeline quickly and steadily.

3. Automatic feed mode, cut and bevel simulataneousy.

4. With high precision, simple operatin, safety and reliabilty.

5. The portabe design can realize indoor and outdoor grooving work as long as ther is power supply.

6. It is widely applied for pipeline construction and maintenance in various industries, such as petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, water transportation, boiler, etc.

7. Simple installation and fast operaion.

8. It is applicable to various kinds of materials processing, and available to a wide range of pipe diameter.

9. As it adopt mechanical cutting groove method for cold working, it can maintain well mechanical properties of the material quality.

10. Ideal pipe and prparation with various shapes as flat, V, X and U shape can meet different technological requirements for butt welding.

11. Drive model: electric

12. Voltage/frequency: AC 220V  50Hz

13. Current: 6A

14. Power: 1-2.5KW


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